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Cara Cara Oranges

These seasonal favourites are back!


Pantry Staples

Package-free essentials from grains
and legumes to loose leaf tea and coffee.


3 in 1 Bars

Soap, shampoo and shaving cream all in one bar. Handcrafted in small batches with care in Port Moody. 



We offer weekly delivery. Place your order the day before your delivery date! Find out your delivery date and order cut off time for your area here.

How It Works

1. Order zero-waste groceries in deposit based containers online
2. We deliver right to your door
3. Return your deposits for a refund

4 Back to School Tips to Buy Only What You Need

4 Back to School Tips to Buy Only What You Need

September is fast approaching and if you’re a parent, chances are you’ve got a long shopping list that includes kids clothes, school supplies, snacks and accessories. The back to school shopping season can be pretty stressful for any parent, especially if you are trying to be mindful of your overall consumption. To make this chaotic time of year a little easier on your wallet and the planet, try following these 4 tips:
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KPU Farm Tour

KPU Farm Tour

One of the easiest ways for Jarr to reduce packaging waste throughout the supply chain is to buy local and direct. And, when it comes to produce, it too often comes individually wrapped in plastic or packed bulk in plastic to protect it over the many kilometers it travels by truck to get to us.
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Jarr and Nada Team Unite

Jarr is Now Part of Nada!

Jarr and Nada are teaming up to strengthen the circular economy!

So, what does that mean? The Jarr brand and website all remain the same (no change for you!) but our partnership with Nada will strengthen the circular economy and make package-free living more accessible in Metro Vancouver. Our core mission has always been to reduce packaging waste in the world, and partnered with Nada we will be even more successful at just that.
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