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5 Pantry Organization Tips to Avoid Food Waste

We all know about food that goes bad in our fridge, but what about the pantry? Unused food that is hidden at the back of the shelf can lose its flavour over time, or even expire and take up space for months. Follow these 5 tips to keep your pantry fresh and avoid food waste!

1. Proper Storage
Airtight containers like mason jars are great for pantry storage because they keep freshness in, but liquid products like oils, soaps, sauces and syrups are easier to measure and pour from when they are decanted into specialized bottles. Don't throw out your used olive oil or soy sauce bottle, just refill and top it up as needed! 

Need more storage containers? Try thrifting them or shop for more glass storage containers here.

2. Label Clearly
The best way to know whether something is old in your pantry, is to know what it is in the first place! Proper labels with the date of purchase are helpful reminders to use products that you might even forget you have. Or if you have two products that are similar, you might use one over the other based on how old they are. Use masking tape or a paint pen to write directly on glass, or try a label maker for a uniform look.

3. Create Zones
Use thrifted baskets to keep everything organized or just group together similar items so you're more likely to find what you need. Here is an example: Baking ingredients are one group, spices another, tea and coffee, pasta and grains, nut butter and jam, oils and vinegars…etc.

4. Create Levels
Pantries are notorious for items getting lost in the back behind a bag of flour or because so many bottles look the same. Get a better visual on what you have with shelf risers or stackable containers. This is a great way to keep your inventory top of mind and avoid food spoiling.

5. Do A Monthly Check
How many times have you accidentally bought two of something, because you couldn’t find it the first time?! Hopefully, by following the tips above, you’ll have a better grasp on what exactly is in your pantry, but even then it's good to do a monthly check. Reorganize items so the older ones are at the front and be sure to use your pantry staples from Jarr within a year!

Shopping package-free at Jarr and refilling your pantry staples at home allows you to keep these principles top of mind. You’ll be organized in no time, and create way less food waste in the process. 

- Claire

Claire Lester is the Marketing Manager at Jarr, she is a graphic designer, avid crocheter, and has a background in biology. Claire loves zero-waste DIY projects and recipes that keep you crafty in the kitchen. She lives in Mount Pleasant with her partner Alex and their grumpy cat Sylvia. 

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