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Nelli’s Chickpea “Cookie Dough” Recipe

When I’m craving a sweet snack at night or during the daytime (usually after my daily run), I eat a jar of homemade chickpea cookie dough. This recipe came about when I really wanted vegan cookie dough BUT I did not want to leave my apartment. My pantry wasn’t stocked, so I was face-to-face with its sole habitant - a large jar of dry chickpeas. I was desperate, so I threw the ingredients below in my blender and customized it to my liking. 1.5 years later, this is one of my favourite snacks / occasional breakfast. 

This is not traditional cookie dough and it will not taste like it - this is a vegan version that prioritizes a higher protein count and less refined sugar. Also, this recipe was an accident - so adapt it to your liking :) 

Enjoy this chickpea cookie dough with a glass of homemade nut mylk or Zimt hot chocolate! 




  1. Fill a small bowl with water and let the 5-6 dates soak for 5-7 minutes. While the dates soften, assemble the rest of the cookie dough ingredients. 
  2. Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender until it becomes “dough-like”. I like to start first with the chickpeas and the dates, and then I slowly add the rest of the ingredients. Taste to see if it’s to your liking - add extra sweeteners if you want to. 
  3. Once it has a dough-like texture, scrape it out and add the toppings of your choice. 

Store in the fridge for 3-5 days. 

- Nelli

Nelli V. Agbulos (she/they) is a second-generation Filipino who considers herself a former New Yorker and an honorary New Jerseyan. When she is not eating her way through homemade baked goods, she volunteers her time with GABRIELA BC, an overseas chapter of the Philippine-based women’s organization. 

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