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Our Living Wage Commitment

A new report was released today from the CCPA about the living wage in Vancouver. This brings the living wage up 5% from when it was last calculated in 2019. At Jarr we are committed to offering a living wage to all of our employees and I want to tell you why we think it is so important to do so. 

What is a living wage?
This is a calculation of the amount needed for a family of four, with two parents working full time, to pay for basic necessities like child care, housing and food. The hourly rate that was determined for 2021 in metro Vancouver is $20.52, but the official minimum wage in our province is only $15.20. This leaves many families struggling to make ends meet in our city.

Why is a living wage important to us?
At Jarr, we work hard to embody our core values of transparency, collaboration, courage and sustainability in everything we do. That extends to how we hire, compensate and work with our employees. We are committed to offering living wage rates to everyone that works for us. We believe that as a local business it is our responsibility to support the local economy and the people who work within it. We will be raising wages at Jarr to meet the living wage today, and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Join us!
We invite other businesses to join us in raising their base rate to the living wage standard in their region. This is a simple yet powerful impact you can make in your community. 


- Emily

Emily Sproule is the founder of Jarr, a mom of two young school age children and an environmentalist doing the best she can with the time she has. Emily lives in East Vancouver, is passionate about business as a force for change and is excited to bring package-free grocery delivery to Metro Vancouver.

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