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Paulina's Vegan Lazy Fried Beans

Paulina works at Jarr and is a great home cook who is new to eating vegan! This month we are celebrating our employees favourite recipes, our plant-based suppliers and showing how easy vegan eating can be. Check out Paulina's vegan lazy fried beans recipe, thanks for sharing a little piece of your home with us!


Hi, I'm Paulina and these pinto beans are that warm hug I need whenever I’m feeling homesick (which is almost every week). Mexicans say that our fridge can be empty, but if we have beans at home, we are ready to eat (usually with tortillas, crackers or bread ❤️ ). 

Also, I remember when hummus became so popular we would say “Hey! Fried beans have been our Mexican hummus for a while!” So now, enjoy a little piece of my home in Guadalajara, MX. 

Ingredients (for 2 with lots of leftovers):

2 cups of pinto beans
1/2 cup of chickpeas
4 cups of water (may need more)
Salt to tase
1 Onion (half sliced, half unsliced)
1/2 head of garlic
Splash of canola oil or olive oil 

Bread (lives country white is perfect)
Salsa (from sriracha revolver)
Spread'ems cream cheeze


Soak your pinto beans and chickpeas in water for a least 15 mins (in the meantime, open a beer, bottle of wine or kombucha of your choice).

After that bath time, put the beans in a pot, add the water, half of an onion (not sliced), the garlic and cover. Bring to a boil on medium heat.

When the pot starts to boil add the salt (measure with your heart).

Lower the temperature. I know that my baby beans are ready by trying some. If they start to peel thats the time! (approx. 20-30 mins)

When the beans are cooked, take anther pot, add the oil and heat it. When hot add the sliced onion and stir until nice and soft.

(The next step is very disrespectful to my mom or any Mexican mom, I'm sorry never translate this please)

You can smash your beans with a masher but because these are my LAZY fried beans, I put them in my blender until I have a creamy hummus consistency. Then just put them into the pot with the oil and onion and cook so the water evaporates as needed.

At this point they are ready to spread on anything and everything you want!

- Paulina

I’m Paulina, a Tapatía 29 y/o human who came to Canada almost 4 years ago for a better life and  happy to share my love for Mexican food in a vegan way. I'm a newbie vegan (going on 2 months!).

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