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Kimchi - Plant Based - Medium Jar - 500ml

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Consisting of a carefully chosen blend of veggies bound together by a rich mix of Crushed Red Chili Powder. These flavours meld together during the fermentation period to give it a unique complexity and the signature “tang.” 

Add it to stews, salads and sandwiches. Kimchi packs a warming tang that creates additional layers of flavour to whatever it goes with.

Plant based and free of shellfish or fish-based products .

Keep refrigerated.

About Scratch Fine Foods
Scratch began with Dominique St Jean and her curious approach to the world of fermentation. Scratch naturally ferments their foods using wild yeast that is all around us in the atmosphere.  Scratch's focus is using simple, proven techniques that have stood the test of time. They only use the best ingredients, buying seasonally whenever possible.  

Scratch brings their products to us in returnable bulk containers, reducing waste through the supply chain.

Made in Vancouver. 

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