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Organic Green Curly Kale -Richmond - BC - 1 bunch

$3.40 $4.10

Do you massage your kale or leave it as is? Do you make it into caesar salads or put it in your smoothies? Turns out kale is amazing cooked, raw or blended! This Kale is the curly green variety and has longer fridge stamina than lettuce or spinach. 

Kale is loose packed in your bin and may have elastic ties.

About KPU Farm: The KPU Farm is located at The Garden City Lands in the heart of Richmond. 55 hectares (136 acres) of municipally-owned land in the Agricultural Land Reserve, just 200 meters east of KPU's Richmond campus. KPU's Department of Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems leases eight hectares (20 acres) of the site for a Teaching and Research Farm. The farm highlights diversified, sustainable, regenerative, and organic production practices adjacent to the population centre of downtown Richmond. Students study and practice at the farm while working toward their Bachelor of Applied Science in Sustainable Agriculture. Their produce is certified organic.

KPU brings us their produce in returnable totes, completely package-free straight from the farm!

Produce may be subbed with a comparable variety or region.