FAQ - Everything You Want to Know!

Have questions? Find out everything you wanted to know about Jarr and our operations here:

Q: What are your COVID-19 protocols?

A: We take our COVID protocols seriously. Having your food and household items delivered reduces your direct exposure to others and we want to make sure we are doing everything we can to make delivery the safest option for you. We wash our hands frequently while working. We wear a mask while filling jars or picking and packing. We sanitize our hands between deliveries. We sanitize jars, totes, freezer bags and freezer packs between use. There are a maximum of three people who could be handling your order — one person fills jars, one person picks and packs your order into your tote and one person delivers. Depending on the week, all three people may be one and the same. 

Q: Where do you deliver?

A: We currently deliver in Vancouver and Burnaby Heights.

Q: When will you expand your delivery area to me?

A: We will be expanding to the rest Burnaby soon! Make sure you are on our newsletter list to be looped in when delivery arrives in your neighbourhood! If you are outside of those areas stay tuned or contact us for recommendations for other zero waste options in your neighbourhood.

Q: What days do you deliver?

A: If you live West of Main we deliver to you on Tuesday. If you live between Main Street and Burnaby Heights we deliver on Friday.

Q: When do I have to place my order to receive delivery this week?

A: If you live West of Main order by 8pm on Saturday for Tuesday delivery. If you live between Main Street and Burnaby Heights place your order Tuesday at 8pm for Friday delivery.

Q: Why do you require 2 days between when my order is placed and when it's delivered?

A: Once you place your order we jump into action and place our orders for fresh foods from our distributors. This translates into us requiring a couple days to get orders in and having those items delivered to Jarr. 

Q: How will my order be delivered?

A: We use Modo carshare to find exactly the right sizes vehicle for your delivery. Currently Spencer is our delivery driver. If you see him through his mask be sure to say hi!

While we are using gas powered vehicles at this time to accommodate the large delivery loads, we are saving energy by using efficient routing which is kinder to our world than everyone separately driving to the store.

Q: Can I pick up?

A: Yes, we accommodate pick up's between 12-2 on delivery days. Simply select the pick up option at checkout. Pick up is at our warehouse located at 69 West 3rd Ave which we share with Natural Source.

Q: Can I checkout as a guest or do I need an account? 

A: An account is required to place an order. You will not be able to check out as a guest. 

Q: How do the jar deposits work?

A: The product description of each product on the site will indicate if the product comes in a returnable jars. All jar deposits are added at checkout. When you return your jars your account will be credited.

Q:  How can I tell which jars I should return for credit?

A: Starting in August all of Jarr's jars will have a silver coloured two-piece lid with jar branding. For each lid set you should have a jar to match. If you aren't sure which jar in your home is which but have a jar as described in the next answer, not to worry, we will take it and give you your deposit back!

As for jars from other returnable jar brands, simply keep their stickers on so you can keep track of which jar is which. 

Q: What sized jars do you use?

A: Our jars are all traditional canning jars and come in three size:
- 1 Litre / Quart Jars - Wide Mouth
- 500 ml/ Pint Jars - Wide Mouth
- 250ml / Half Pint Jars - Regular Mouth

For the 1 L jar, think pantry storage sized jars but with the wider mouth.
For the 500ml jar, think about the jars repurposed as large wide mouth cups.
For the half pint jar, think the jars your grandma's jam came in.

Returnable jars from other companies come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Leave the stickers on when returning so both you and our team can return the jars to the correct businesses.

Q: Why don't all your jars look the same?

A: We use sanitized, reclaimed canning jars which means they are often different from one another. This is part of the beauty of reusing items instead of purchasing new. While the jars may not be identical they all have a story and now you are part of that story!

Q: I have extra canning jars around my house, will you take them?

A: Yes!!! We take the three specific sizes (as noted above). If you have 1L wide mouth, 500ml wide mouth or 250ml standard mouth we would LOVE to have them. Please contact us and we can arrange pick up. Thank you for supporting the circular economy!

Q: Should I take the stickers off my jars?

A: Please leave the stickers on as we have selected a sticker that will hold up well in washing and can be used again and again. Stickers from other returnable jar brands should also be left on so we can tell whose jar's are whose when we return them.

Q: Do I have to return my jars?

A: The key to being part of the circular economy and the #reuserevolution is the return part! When your jars are returned we can sanitized them and use them again and again. Please return your jars, totes, freezer bags and ice packs so we can do our part by not buying more "stuff." 

Q: How much is the refund for jars?

A: All of Jarr's jars can be returned for a $2 refund while other brands we carry in jars have different refund amounts. Companies like Coastie Craft, Susgrainable and Ahimsa Green Products all have $1 refund.

Q: How do I access my refund for returned jars?

A: Your jar returns and refunds will be added as a credit to your account. To access your credit, login to you account and select the button "store credit" on your account page to add your credit to your order.

Q: Where is Jarr located?

A: Jarr currently operates out of 69 West 3rd, a shared warehouse space with Natural Source, an office snack delivery company.

Q: How do you sanitize your jars?

A: We use a high temperature commercial dishwasher to sanitize your jars so they are completely clean and food safe for the next cycle of refill and delivery.

Q: Why didn't I get all the produce I ordered?

A: We purchase produce fresh from our suppliers once we have finalized your orders. If there were not enough orders to purchase a full case of produce we may skip that item this week. You will be refunded the amount of the missing produce. We work hard to pre-determine shortages and you will receive an email the night before your delivery that includes a reminder to put out your returns and information about any potential produce shortages.

Q: I am not planning to make another purchase right now. What should I do with the totes and jars?

A: Please contact us and we can arrange pickup and refund for jars.

Have another question? Please contact us!