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We Are LIVE — Sign Up to Our Waitlist!

We are so excited to announce that we have started filling jars! Our pilot has officially launched and we are now serving the area between Burnaby Heights and South Granville. Over the next few months we will be adding more and more delivery spots from other areas nearby. If you would like to get your name on the waitlist, sign up here (and be sure to include your address).

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What can you purchase through Jarr?

We prioritize local, organic, fair trade and of course, package-free. We offer everything from produce, flour, nuts, grains, legumes, dried fruit, bulk treats, bread, coffee, spices and even veggie burger mixes and baking mixes. You can also find household supplies such as recycled toilet paper, shampoo & conditioner bars, body & hand bar soap, beeswax food wraps, dish soap bars and more.

Questions? Suggestions? Contact us here.