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Our COVID-19 Protocols

Contactless grocery delivery is one of the safest ways to shop and we want you to feel especially confident when you receive your delivery from Jarr. We are big fans of Bonnie Henry and follow her public health orders closely. Your safety and the safety of our team is paramount and we will continue to make this our priority as long as COVID-19 is with us.

Please see our company COVID-19 protocols here:

Updated November 9, 2020

1. Health Check

Each staff member conducts a daily health check and reports results to manager. We have extra staff available to avoid any pressure of staff working sick.

2. Hand washing

Regular hand washing is mandatory before, during and after work. We follow thorough hand washing protocols and wash hands frequently during every shift.

3. Sanitizing hands between deliveries

Each driver sanitizes their hands between every delivery.

4. Wearing mask

All staff are required to wear a mask at all times while working except when eating or drinking on breaks.

5. Maintain a two metre distance

We have set up our work stations and work flow to maintain a two metres distance from others at all time. Smaller spaces in the warehouse have a maximum capacity of one person.

6. Contactless deliveries

Driver will leave bins on doorstep of houses without knocking to avoid direct contact with the person inside. You will receive an email once your order has been delivered. If we are delivering to an apartment we will leave the delivery in the hallway outside your apartment door. If in person exchange is required we will put the bin down near the door so you can grab it easily while we stand 2 metres back. If you have a bin to return we ask that you put the bin down and leave a 2 metre distance so we can pick it up.

7. Sanitizing bins and jars

We use a high temperature dishwasher to sanitize all jars and lids before they are used again. We also use sanitizing spray approved by the Vancouver Coastal Health to sanitize delivery bins between every delivery.

8. Sanitizing surfaces

We sanitize all working surfaces before and after filling your orders. 

Something to add? Please contact us with any questions or requested additions to our procedures.