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3 Pack Plant Based Food Wraps - Plastic Free for the Sea


We have run out of stock for this item.

A plant-based, reusable alternative to plastic wrap. Made by hand with sustainable ingredients. Lasts up to 1 year with good care. Comes in a mixed pack of three different sizes.

Sizes (approx):

Small: 18cm x 18cm (avocados, citrus fruits, half onions)

Medium: 25cm x 25cm (food storage lids, half melons or grapefruit, vegetables)

Large: 33cm x 33cm (salad bowls, herb bunches, bread)

Cleaning Instructions:

Hand wash with cool water and a gentle soap. Do not wash in hot water and do not scrub. For more cleaning and storing information, visit the FAQ page.

Please note the wrap variations are subject to availability and the variety you receive may not be exactly like the photo shown. For example, your large wrap may be pink instead of the fishies like the photo shows. You will always receive the patterns you choose.

About Spurge: What began as a passion project soon became a small business for founder Emily Segal, as she discovered the potential impact these plant based wraps could have on the world. Though she had used beeswax wraps in the past, Emily felt uneasy about taking from the bees, and wondered if there was a way to produce an alternative to plastic wrap made entirely of plant-based, vegan friendly materials. And thus, Spurge was born! Spurge wraps are made by hand in small batches. They are made with sustainable, vegan ingredients, sourced locally where possible. Each wrap has been washed, waxed, and cut by hand. Spurge wraps allow food to last longer, and reduces impact on the environment by eliminating the need for plastic wrap.

Locally made in Vancouver, BC.