Almond Crunch Granola - Large Jar - 454g
Almond Crunch Granola - Large Jar - 454g
Uprising Breads

Almond Crunch Granola - Large Jar - 454g

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Package-free granola available here! Made in Vancouver, this crunchy granola is crafted with simple, tasty ingredients blended together to make your day.

Almond Crunch Granola is lovely with yoghurt or sprinkled over cereal for an added crunch. Fabulous for breakfast or as a great pick-me-up snack.

Ingredients: Rolled oats, honey, canola oil, almonds, dates, coconut, blackstrap molasses, salt.

Sustainability: Brought to you in our deposit based returnable jars. Uprising Breads brings us their granola in returnable containers, reduce packaging waste all the way down the supply chain! Thanks Uprising!!

About Uprising Breads: 
A Vancouver legend, Uprising Breads Bakery has been baking for over 30 years. They use natural ingredients and their baking is sweetened simply with honey, molasses or dates — offering healthy choices without compromising those small indulgences. 

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