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Beeswax Snack Bag - 9"


This beeswax snack bag is made locally by Alisa Yao, with offcuts of reclaimed fabrics sourced from incredible organizations such as Fabcycle, these bags are not only the ideal food saver, they are also saving fabric waste from the landfill. 

This waxed snack bag is made from cotton canvas infused with 100% pure beeswax, organic coconut oil, and rosin. The beeswax is food safe, naturally antimicrobial and water resistant. You can easily roll down the top to secure the contents.

We have found that beeswax wraps and bags are the ideal way to keep food such as bread, fruit and veggies fresh without plastic — better than plastic. Whether used for packed lunches or food storage, this beeswax bag make a great gift.

We find these bags are the perfect substitute for disposable wrapping, Place your gift inside the bag and wrap with twine. A gift inside a gift!

5"x2" opening and 9" height
7"x9" when flattened

To clean, wash gently with COLD water and soap and leave to dry. Never use warm water as it will melt the wax and degrade the effectiveness. 

**Lighter coloured fabrics may show some discolouration from the beeswax**