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BinBreeze Compost Powder - Unscented - 300g - Large Jar

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Stop sharing your kitchen with a swarm of fruit flies and the stench of rotting food scraps—your home deserves better! That’s where BinBreeze steps in. Just sprinkle this unscented composting powder over any fresh food waste in your compost bin, and your kitchen is yours again. All-natural, non-toxic formula.

Directions: Sprinkle 1 or 2 tablespoons of BinBreeze at the base of your indoor compost bin. After adding fresh food waste, add an additional tablespoon on top. For best results, repeat consistently to create layers of food waste and BinBreeze. Add more of our natural composting powder to soak up wet waste material.

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Ingredients: BC rare earth minerals, locally-sourced untreated Douglas Fir wood waste, organic essential oils

How does it work?
BinBreeze was scientifically designed to encourage aerobic decomposition, the non-stinky kind! So as your food waste decomposes, BinBreeze is at work helping aerobic microorganisms thrive. For food waste that already stinks, by nature or because it’s decomposing, use extra BinBreeze to provide a nice, full layer in the bin. This will act as a natural filter allowing air into the compost, while providing indoor odour control and making it smell great instantly.

BinBreeze contains fossilized algae that are hyper-absorbent and soak in the waxy coatings of insects with exoskeletons, including fruit flies. Exposure to BinBreeze will cause the flies to lose this coating, rendering them unable to fly and slowly dehydrating them until they are composted alongside your food waste. By applying BinBreeze to your compost bin consistently, you ensure that any larva that has entered your home in your fruit don’t begin to grow, breed, invade the rest of your kitchen. After all, without BinBreeze, your compost bin is the perfect place to breed!

To ensure BinBreeze is effective at eliminating your fruit fly problem, you need to prevent those flies from reproducing elsewhere in the kitchen. You should thoroughly clean all around your appliances, cracks, and of course don't leave fresh fruit out! After this, use BinBreeze diligently and keep your fruit stored away for a few days. Voila, no more fruit flies!

Locally made in Victoria BC.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. If makes contact with eyes flush with water.

About BinBreeze:
The Victoria-based team at BinBreeze were once just like you: Setting up fruit fly traps and pinching our nose every time we opened the compost bin. We knew there had to be a better way to manage food waste at home — and it led them to founding BinBreeze.

BinBreeze is an all-natural and non-toxic odour reducing composting powder. This is the founding product from Build A Better Earth, a sustainable technology social enterprise, dedicated to cultivating products, beliefs, and habits that help individuals ‘build a better earth’ for future generations. Our vision is of an environmentally empowered and sustainable consumer, living within a thriving circular economy.