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Ginger Kombucha - 330ml


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Tality Kombucha only uses whole ginger roots - washing and chopping the roots themselves. The whole roots soak in cold-crashed cultures for two days before bottling. Doing so creates the most authentic ginger-flavoured kombucha on the market.

  • 28+ day fermentation
  • Never diluted
  • No sugar added post fermentation
  • Temperature controlled fermentation
  • Oxygen controlled fermentation

Comes in 330ml glass returnable bottles that can be sanitized and used again and again. Return to us at Jarr for a refund and we will send it to Tality for cleaning and refilling!  10 cent jar deposit added at checkout.

Keep refrigerated

Tality Kombucha aims to sustainably brew the highest quality and most authentic kombucha possible, straight from our North Shore production facility to your door. 

They only use organic, whole, and real ingredients - black tea, cane sugar, and infused flavours. Tality believes that using a whole ginger root, blackberry, or sage leaf adds complexity to the flavour profile that can’t be replicated with juices, concentrates, or anything but the real thing. 

As an added bonus, Tality is a 1% for the Planet Member, Canada's first B-Corp kombucha, certified organic, uses stone paper labels, has a bottle wash and reuse program, and are the piloting a vermicompost waste management system for their brewery.