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Cream Cheeze Spread - 200g - Small Jar


Plain Philly-style cashew cream cheeze. Put it on your bagels, bake with it. You won’t believe it’s not dairy!


Ingredients: Cashews (tree-nut), organic coconut oil, purified water, sea salt, organic sunflower lecithin, bacterial cultures.

About Spread'Em Kitchen Co: It started in Mellisa's home kitchen as a weekend farmers market hustle. Just to earn some extra money so she could take some time off from her 9-5 to figure out what she really wanted to do with her life. She knew she wanted to be contributing to something meaningful, something that focused on sustainability. She wanted to inspire others by doing as much good as possible, but she had no idea what that would look like. Little did she know that her dream job was so close she could taste it. 

That's why they support sustainable growing practices and fair treatment of the farmers who work so hard to provide us with good food. Spread-Em sources their fresh vegetables from local farms in B.C.

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