Fig, Apple and Earl Grey Jam (Seasonal) - 230ml - Small Jar
Le Meadow's Pantry

Fig, Apple and Earl Grey Jam (Seasonal) - 230ml - Small Jar

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A luscious fig and BC apple jam with a delicate note of Earl Grey tea. Not too sweet, it has the perfect combination of flavours to accompany cheeses and sourdough bread.

This jam is made with certified organic figs, Okanagan apples and Earl Grey Tea from Ranger Teacrafters, a tea company based in Squamish/Whistler (previously known as Namasthe Tea).This fig jam will shine at the breakfast table with both sweet and savory dishes. It will become the perfect addition to sandwiches, burgers and baked goods. In addition it will be the star of every cheese and charcuterie boards

 Le Meadow’s Pantry is a small-batch preserving company in Vancouver specializing in all-natural jam and marmalades, using mostly local fruit, and cooked by hand. Their artisan jams are always first and foremost about the fruit. They don't over-sweeten or over-flavour and each jar contains at least half a pound of fruit!

Ingredients: fig, apple, pure cane sugar, fresh lemon juice, earl great tea from Namasthe, natural citrus pectin

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