Fresh Pasta - Linguini - 3 Nests (serves 3-4 people) - Large Jar

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Not only is this our first long noodle pasta, but it is also FRESH! This fresh linguini is handcrafted locally in Vancouver by Pastaggio and we couldn't love it more. Use within 3 days for optimum taste or freeze to keep longer. Three nests fit perfectly in our 1L jars so it can come to you package-free!

Made with a traditional bronze die (a mold used in traditional Italian noodle cutting and shaping for centuries) instead of a Teflon die. 

Ingredients: Durum Semolina, Water

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About Pastaggio:  Rebecca and Dan of Pastaggio are passionate about bringing fresh, authentic pasta and sauces to pasta lovers of Metro Vancouver.  Handcrafted in Vancouver, a favourite at local farmer's markets and available completely package-free at Jarr! Rebecca and Dan bring us their fresh products in reusable containers every week - package-free throughout the supply chain!