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Original Chiwis - Kiwi Chips - 50g - Medium Jar

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Kiwi chips packed with 100% nutrient-dense kiwis, dried in a super special way to lock in all of the nutrients until they're crispy for your snacking pleasure.

One serving of Chiwis has more vitamin C than two oranges and more potassium than two bananas, not to mention the Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Folate, and antioxidants that are included in this sweet and tangy snack (especially in the skin of the kiwi!).

Ingredients: Kiwi

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Kiwis are grown and dried in California, saving both food waste and flavour! Chiwis is based in Squamish, BC.

About Chiwis: Sarah, a nutritionist and Founder of Chiwis was always trying out different ways to make healthy snacks taste awesome. A few years ago, she was testing recipes and thought it would be cool to experiment with a fruit she loved - KIWIS! She was delighted when they came out tasting just like sour patch kids! She started making kiwi chips to go hiking, camping, backcountry touring, to work, basically anywhere. Any time a friend or family member tried them she got the same response that they absolutely loved them and would buy them in stores if available. As a serial entrepreneur she knew she wanted to try to make a business out of these amazing healthy snacks.