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Organic Pine Nuts - 125g - Small Jar


Organic pine nuts can be used in a variety of sweet and savoury dishes and are well known for their flavourful addition to the classic Italian pesto. They can also be used in stuffings, salads and breads.

This high fat nut comes from several varieties of pine trees. The nuts are inside a pinecone, which must be heated to facilitate their removal. This labor-intensive process is what makes these pine nuts so expensive.

Organic pine nuts should be stored in a cool dry environment for an optimal shelf life of about 4 months. They may turn rancid quickly due to their high-fat content and can be refrigerated or frozen to extend shelf life.

At Jarr we store all raw nuts in the refrigerator to prolong their life before they get to you.

Ingredients: Raw Pine Nuts

Product of the USA

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