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Spelt Spinners - 250g - Large Jar


Slow dried, super traditional pasta. Did you know that the majority of pasta and noodles worldwide (even if prepared in another country) source their grains from right here in Western Canada?! InGrain pasta is produced right here in Deep Cove BC using grains sourced from Chilliwack, BC and alpine water from Seymour lake. Local, delicious and packed with nutrients.

Due to their slow drying process, InGrain is able to preserve the nutritional content of their fresh western grains, and differentiate their pasta from the mass produced pastas available on the market today. InGrain produces deliciously sweet, golden pasta that holds it shape during the cooking process, but that breaks down quickly, has great solubility and therefore is easier for your body to digest.

Durum Semolina, water. Contains Gluten. 

How to cook: 
Boil a large pot of salted water.
Cook for 7 - 8 minutes or until desired texture is reached.