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Textured Pea Protein Chunks (TPP) - Vegan - 45g - Large Jar


Easy to use, and 80% protein content, these pea protein chunks can be rehydrated in sauces or for a few minutes in water before use. Great for replacing chicken in recipes. We especially love it in stirfry and curries.

This regenerative, plant-based product is cultivated from Canadian-grown yellow peas to create a high-quality product. It packs a powerful combination of texture, protein and clean flavour. It’s incredibly easy to work with and perfect for use in meat-based recipes. You can also use it in ready meals, snacks, cereals or as a sub for soy products!

  textured pea protein concentrate

Allergens: contains mustard


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About Lovingly Made: 
Based in Calgary, Alberta, Lovingly Made is a plant-based ingredient manufacturing company with a mission to support local Canadian farmers and sustainable farming practices. Their facility is gluten and allergen-free, kosher and non-GMO. Oh, and did we mention they are working towards certified B-Corporation status? We love that sustainability, environmentally-sound practices and transparency are sown into everything Lovingly Made does.