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Pineapple Ginger Extract - 200ml bottle


Pineapple Ginger Extract is a customer favourite thanks to its sweet pineapple taste with a kick of ginger. Absolutely delicious and refreshing for summer cocktails, mocktails, lemonades or to enjoy straight shot every day. Ginger Extract may reduce inflammation, bloating, may help with digestion problems, nausea, boost immunity, detoxify the body.

Bottle is returnable for reuse.

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- 40% of raw cold pressed ginger root
- fresh pineapple juice (never from concentrate)
- local raw clover honey
- freshly squeezed lemon
Our ginger extracts are 100% made of whole, fresh ingredients and are not pasteurized. If you have a sweet tooth Pineapple Ginger Extract is the right fit for you. This powerful and intense combination of ingredients forms a nutritious bomb, which will give you energy for your busy days.

How to drink extract:
Can be taken in pure form as a shot every day, one 200 ml bottle (7 servings) is enough for the entire week. If it's the first time you are drinking our ginger extract, get ready for a nice healthy burn. The intensity of the extract may be reduced by mixing it with warm, cold, sparkling water, by adding it to your SodaStream, smoothies, cocktail, mocktails, overnight oats, soups, etc…...