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Pistachios in Shell, Roasted & Salted - 200g - Medium Jar


*Now sold in 200g quantities, this is a medium jar instead of large one*

Ready to eat as a snack or used in recipes, pistachios are commonly used in ice cream, cookies, cakes, and other baked goods.

Roasted and salted pistachios have a delicate and subtle taste that complements well with sweet and savoury dishes. They are an excellent source of protein and fibre. 

Ingredients: Dry roasted pistachios, sea salt.

Product of Califonia

About The Environmental Impact of Pistachios:
The California desert is an ideal climate for the trees, giving the hot days, cool winters, and abundant sunshine that make them thrive naturally. There are a lot of environmental pluses to pistachios:

- Their deep tap roots allow pistachios to sip very lightly from irrigation sources.
- They require less water than other nuts, such as almonds, to grow.
- In many orchards, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods, such as owl boxes are often used to control pests rather than pesticide spraying.
- Nuts that fall outside of the canvas during harvesting are used as natural compost to feed the trees.

The pistachio tree is, by nature, a drought-resistant plant that originated in the middle east, but precise applications of water at particular times in its growth cycle is critical to producing perfect pistachios. Growers work closely with university researchers, irrigation specialists, and University of California Cooperative Extension farm advisors to adopt the most progressive water management technology and irrigation programs in the world. 

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