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Snack Bag - Large


Go litterless, save money and brighten up your day with these oh-so-cute snack bags. Made right here in Canada. 

Measuring 7.5×7.5 inches, this size is great for sandwiches, bagels, muffins and fits two sliced apples. Get creative and use them to organize phone chargers, medications etc while travelling.

Machine wash cold / low dry or hand wash and hang to dry.

About Colibri: Colibri's roots are in sewing and in small town in Manitoba but their staff and product designers come from all over the globe. Their CEO, Sandra O’Malley, is surrounded by a team that is treated like family and are as passionate and dedicated as she is.

They aren’t just manufacturing reusable products; they’re providing long-lasting solutions that foster healthy environments and strong communities. They are dedicated to making products that you can count on for years to come.