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13" Super Pad - Medium Jar


Super Pads have you covered with a thirsty core, period-proof backing & magical, wicking cotton top layer. Snap the wings together (tag side down) and keep on bleedin’ on. Perfect for heavy days, overnight coverage, and postpartum bleeding. Made with breathable cotton.

We bring these pads to you in one of our reusable jars to keep them clean and away from your groceries without any packaging. Pads in a jar - kinda fun right?!

$2 jar deposit added at checkout

Absorbency: Holds up to 4 tampons worth. 

Materials: 3/7 cotton/spandex top, 80/20 polyester/polyamide core, 95/5 cotton/spandex with TPU backing, POM snap.

Impact: Replaces 236 disposable pads.

Care: Machine wash and dry - easy peasy. Can do a pre-soak in cool water if used on heavy days.

About Aisle: You don’t always realize when you’re about to change the world, but in 1993, Madeleine Shaw did just that when she began making the first line of cloth pads and period underwear. In 1999 she met Suzanne Siemens and together they co-founded Lunapads (now Aisle), a groundbreaking venture that was one of the first brands in the world to champion natural menstrual care. Fast forward to today, Aisle has come full cycle to redefine the period aisle for the 21st century. A place to find comfortable, high-performance, earth-friendly products that actually walk the talk. Aisle is a Vancouver-based company with products ethically made overseas. 

Aisle pads are manufactured in Vancouver at the same locally-owned and operated factory for over 25 years.