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Twist Top Trio


This set consists of 3 nesting containers with screw-on lids. Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to store. And easy on the environment too! No plastic, no resins, no aluminum, no paints or dyes - no chemicals leaching into your food. No metallic taste ever- even after years of use! 

With these containers, you'll never have to worry about red rings of tomato stain, retained food odours, or hormone-disrupting chemicals as seen with traditional food storage containers. This is food storage as it should be - Safe. Simple. Sustainable.

Great For: Packing lunch to go, storing coffee, tea, and sugar on the counter, for freezing berries for your smoothies, and for storing leftovers in the fridge.

Size: LARGE- 4.25(D) x 2.9(H)" / 10.8(D) x 7.3(H) cm | Contents: 600mL
          MEDIUM- 3.75(D) x 2.5(H)" / 9.8(D) x 6.5(H) cm | Contents: 350mL
          SMALL- 3.5(D) x 2.25(H)" / 9(D) x 5.7(H) cm | Contents: 200 mL

Material: Made of top-quality food grade stainless steel.

 *Please note that these containers are leak-proof, but not liquid-proof. They hold juicy contents like watermelon or pineapple but are not designed to hold soup.

About Dalcini: Dalcini is an award winning company dedicated to creating beautiful, healthy, sustainable kitchenware without the use of plastic or hormone-disrupting chemicals. Our sleek seamless designs are easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, and easy-to-store, along with being easy on the environment too. 

Dalcini products are responsibly manufactured in India using the centuries-old craftsmanship.