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Unscented Solid Dish Soap (regular size)


The Unscented Dish Soap is a perfect zero waste option that cuts grease and is gentle on your hands. This powerhouse cleaner can even take stains out of your clothes or spot clean your carpet.

Completely fragrance-free.

Each cube replaces up to 3 bottles of liquid soap.

Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, olea europaea (olive) oil, aqua, sodium hydroxide

To use:
Create suds by rubbing the solid dish soap with a brush or sponge.
Wash and rinse well.
Use warm water for best results.

About Make Nice Company:
Bonnie is the founder of Make Nice Company and she started Make Nice when she wasn’t able to find an alternative to dish soap in plastic bottles. This led her to a deep dive into learning to make soap, figuring out and testing what the best recipe would be to cut grease, and what the ideal shape would be when using it. She wanted the 100% natural ingredients to be simple, nothing you couldn’t pronounce, and vegan. After many months of making samples and testing them with friends, she created Make Nice Company's Solid Dish Soap.