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Greek Yogurt - Original - Large Jar - 1L


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A Mediterranean, Greek-style yogurt ripened with four strains of beneficial lactic bacteria, set and strained until thick and creamy. No thickeners, sweeteners, preservatives, or flavourings — just simply pure whole cow's milk.

Cow's are given access to pasture and grass-fed grazing during the spring, summer and fall.

Ingredients: Cow's Milk

Made in Agassiz. 

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About Farm House Natural Cheeses: Established in 2003, The Farm House Natural Cheeses produces handmade artisan cheeses, yogurt and specialties from the rich, fresh whole milk of their farm’s own dairy cows and goats. Everything is made right on their farm in British Columbia’s beautiful Fraser Valley.

Farm House brings us their yoghurt in bulk returnable bins so that this yoghurt can be package free throughout the entire supply chain!